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Posted on: August 13, 2008 3:07 pm

I'd like to get to know why all the Yankee hating

Now in all the years I've been a Yankee fan I've seen a lot of hatred for the Yankees.  (When I was younger it was weird to see people hate the Yankees as much as people do now) Now it is bitter hatred.  I don't know how old these fans are, how long they paid attention, why say a Brewers fan would hate us, or a Cub's fan would.  That doesn't make sense.  Any AL East fan base fine, can count them as rivals and stuff.  Even a team that wins and meets us in the playoffs and beats us or we beat them fine.  (Look up Colts and Patriots they hate each other like there is no tomorrow) I wonder why they want to see the Yankees falter so bad and fail.  What is it the Yankees owner does that spends money hurts you? Are we Yankee fans supposed to be sorry about that? I see so  many different fan bases on our boards with every loss, or seeing us want us out of the playoffs its FUNNY.  I'd love to actually see the reasons why and love to find out how long you've hated them and so on and so forth.  And obviously I'm sorry if some of our fan's are ignorant but all fan bases have those type of fans.
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